CICA Claims

If you are the victim of sexual assault, from the most serious rape to inappropriate touching, we can help you get compensation with a CICA claim. The CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) is a government-run scheme which compensates victims, but certain criteria have to be met to ensure you are eligible.  

We can speak to you on a free, no obligation basis and quickly inform you if you are likely to succeed in a CICA compensation claim. Get in touch.

A CICA claim may be the only avenue of compensation for a victim of sexual abuse, especially where the perpetrator is not employed and has no money, or works for an organisation who we can’t sue.  Whilst you can make your own compensation claim to the CICA - in fact the scheme encourages this - we recommend that you obtain expert advice to ensure you gain the best outcome and maximum compensation.  

Sexual abuse cases are complex and usually involve psychological injuries; our solicitors work closely with medical experts who can provide the necessary evidence to help maximise your award.

No win, no fee

We offer no-win, no-fee arrangements and can be contacted in complete confidence on a 24/7 basis about your potential CICA claim.

Our solicitors have dealt with countless cases to the CICA, including conducting reviews and attending appeals.  Sam has won the maximum award for a rape victim and gained £500,000 at an appeal hearing.

CICA compensation claim time limits

To be eligible under the current CICA scheme, you must apply within CICA's claim time limit, which is within two years of the incident, or in the case of a childhood victim, by your twentieth birthday.  Under the 2012 Scheme, if you suffered sexual abuse before you turned 18 and have only recently gained the courage to come forward, the Authority will consider claims made within two years of reporting the matter to the police. Often victims delay coming forward on account of psychological issues.  If you are beyond CICA's two year time limit, we can advise you if a claim can still be launched.  We can help you to obtain medical evidence to account for the delay and ensure you can continue with your claim.

Re-opening closed CICA cases to reassess the original award

We can also re-open your CICA claim after a final payment has been made.  Occasionally, there may be a significant change in your medical condition and the original award may have been inadequate.  The CICA are reluctant to re-open cases more than two years from the original award, however the CICA will consider making a further award if fresh medical evidence can be obtained to support the deterioration in your health.  Our expert solicitors are happy to talk to you on a free, no obligation basis and talk you through the process of re-opening your CICA claim.

We conduct our CICA compensation claims on a contingency fee basis as the scheme will not cover your legal costs. This means that if your application succeeds, we will only deduct 25% including VAT from your award.  If your application fails, there will be no charge for the work done on your case, irrespective of how many hours we spend.

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