Sexual abuse claims against schools and teachers

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Whilst the majority of schools provide our children with the safe haven we expect, sadly not all education establishments have lived up to this expectation.

If you have experienced childhood sexual abuse by a teacher or lecturer in school, college or university, please get in touch to find out how we can help you seek compensation.

At Robsonshaw, you can be confident that your claim against a school will be dealt with by an experienced solicitor, who will ensure you gain the compensation you deserve. Be reassured that we will support you through the claims process and help you move on from this traumatic experience. 

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We offer no-win, no-fee arrangements and can be contacted in complete confidence on a 24/7 basis about your potential claim against a school or education establishment.

About Sam

Sam has been specialising in claims against both schools in the private sector and those in the state education system for over 20 years. She has also represented current and former students in cases against college and university lecturers.  She has represented countless claimants, both children and adults in recent and historic cases involving teachers. 

Before qualifying as a solicitor, Sam trained as a primary school teacher and has first-hand experience of the education process and the way in which schools operate, including safeguarding procedures. This has given her a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of teachers and their role in safeguarding pupils. 

Sam has an empathetic nature and as a mother of three sons, she appreciates first-hand the difficulties that children may encounter in coming to terms with childhood sexual abuse.

School sexual abuse cases we have worked on

Robsonshaw has gained justice against numerous convicted perpetrators, including:

  • Primary school teacher Nigel Leat in Weston Super Mare
  • Simon Parsons, former head of drama at Castle School in Thornbury
  • Anthony Leake, a former supply teacher in Fleetwood, Lancashire
  • Michael Wilde, former chemistry teacher at Wade Deacon High School in Widnes, whose victims continue to come forward
  • Glyn Jones, former PE teacher convicted at Norwich Crown Court, having taught in two schools in Norfolk
  • Robert Appleby, former secondary teacher at Herne Bay High School
  • Richard Bobb, former head of music at William Penn School in Dulwich
  • Emma Webb, former teaching assistant at a Wokingham borough school
  • Jonathan Thomson-Glover, former teacher at Clifton College in Bristol. 

Sam has also won a 6-figure award for a former pupil at Denstone College and represented university students targeted for sexual abuse and harassment by their university lecturer.

Our thoughts on mandatory reporting and child protection

Sam is a supporter of mandatory reporting and believes this could improve safeguarding and protection of children within our education establishments. She feels that allowing institutions to set their own safeguarding culture can lead to uneven practice and a tick-box mentality. 

Mandatory reporting law is a legislative duty to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has already examined this topic and considered whether this duty should be imposed on members of particular occupations who deal with children in the course of their work. 

England does not have legislative mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse.  From Sam’s wide experience of sexual abuse claims against schools, she feels strongly that if mandatory reporting existed, numerous children could have avoided serious sexual abuse as their perpetrator would have been stopped sooner, preventing years of suffering for some children.

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