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Claims against schools

Sadly not all schools are the safe haven we believe exist for the care of our children.  Sam understands the harrowing consequences of childhood sexual abuse by teachers in schools or other staff.  She has conducted countless cases against schools and appreciates the difficulties that families face in coming to terms with childhood abuse within a school.  

Prior to joining the legal profession, Sam trained as a primary school teacher and has first-hand experience of the education process and the ways in which schools operate.  

Whilst a number of high profile private schools are currently in the public eye, it is not always public schools that attract perpetrators of sexual abuse, it can also occur in our state education system. Sam was one of the first solicitors to gain justice in the notorious Nigel Leat case, the convicted paedophile teacher who was thought to be abusing children as young as six at Hillside First School in Worle near Weston-Super-Mare.  

The litigation is ongoing in the Leat case as victims continue to come forward and instruct Sam.  As is often the case with very young victims, they fear coming forward and facing the fact they have suffered abuse by teachers.  These victims tend to put to the back of their mind their traumatic experiences in the hope they never happened. Often these victims finally accept what occurred when they engage in adult relationships and then have to face up to their terrible childhood experiences.  

If you, or a family member would like to speak to us on a free, no obligation basis about your sexual abuse compensation claim against a school or teacher, please contact Sam direct on sam@robsonshaw.uk or Robert on robert@robsonshaw.uk.

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