I feel having Robert assist me in making this claim has been a great experience. He has been extremely helpful, gracious and has replied to any correspondence I have sent, even when he was on annual leave. He kept me informed throughout the time he has been sorting my claim. I would recommend this service to others. Thank you for all your help.

CICA claim following historic sexual abuse


Dear Sam

I’d like to personally thank you for all of your invaluable support and guidance throughout this process over the last year and would also like to thank you for the continued work you are doing for the other victims of Myles Bradbury.

Receiving these funds feels like a fresh opportunity to really better my mental health and begin to build a new life for myself, whilst hopefully being able to close this chapter of my life.

Successful female victim of Dr Myles Bradbury 


I applied for CICA due to sexual abuse by my half brother. My case was rejected by the CICA as they said the same roof rule applied and the CICA would not entertain my claim. They wrote to me and told me that they did not believe it had happened, it was very upsetting and heart wrenching to read. The police had made a mess of the investigation and when they went to question my half brother again he had died.

So my day in court was never going to happen. I did my research on the internet and was somewhat anxious about a no win no fee solicitor.  On reading the testimonials about Robsonshaw, this encouraged me to contact them. I explained I had been refused a claim and that I had been sent a letter from CICA stating if I did not agree with their decision that I could appeal to the first tier tribunal.  Robsonshaw solicitors agreed to take my case on to appeal with the CICA. I found the firm amazing, compassionate, sensitive, factual. They have incredible knowledge of the law. The barrister was also a wonderful, diligent and competent person. 

I did get my day in court with a Tribunal hearing and whilst I really did not need to say much, I told my story.  I was heard and believed by the Tribunal judges, but also the CICA.  This was an emotional hearing with tears. I finally have some closure on this, which would not have been the case if I had not found Robsonshaw solicitors. I am most grateful to Robert Shaw and what he achieved for my case. I can never thank Robert enough.  The CICA accepted my claim and paid my compensation thanks to this firm.

Vanessa, successful CICA Applicant


Robert Shaw is a diligent, consummate professional with exceptional people skills. Throughout our correspondence, which was emotional at times, it was abundantly clear he is vastly experienced in his field. The result of my case evidenced his persistence in ensuring a just outcome. I strongly recommend his services.

Victim of abuse within the Jesus Fellowship Trust


During my time at boarding school as a teenager in the 1980s and 1990s, I experienced two separate instances of sexual abuse by teachers, the second of which was preceded by a lengthy period of grooming. The grooming in this second case was so effective that I believed at the time, and for many years afterwards, that I had been a willing partner in a somewhat unconventional but consensual same-sex relationship. It took until 2016 for me to come to the realisation that I had, in fact, been sexually abused by someone 25 years my senior in a position of trust.

I decided to report both incidents to the police and, before doing so, sought advice from Robson Shaw and from two or three of the big national law firms that deal with all types of personal injury claims. Straightaway it became clear that the big firms were only really interested in taking on the clear-cut cases where there was already a criminal conviction and that, if they did agree to take on my case, it would be dealt with by a junior who was not a specialist in sexual abuse claims. When I spoke to Samantha at Robson Shaw, things were very different. It was immediately clear that Sam was a specialist who knew all there was to know about sexual abuse claims and that she wasn’t afraid to take on the more challenging cases like mine on a no-win-no-fee basis. Plus, I found it very reassuring to know that my case would be handled by her personally rather than by a junior. As a result, I had no hesitation in choosing Sam to represent me for both my claims against my old school.

The police investigation in relation to the first of my two abusers concluded quickly as it turned out the perpetrator was already dead. Sam was then able to get on and pursue a claim against the school. She handled this efficiently and effectively, obtaining an out of court settlement in a fairly short space of time and with an amount of compensation that was 33% higher than the sum the school’s insurer had originally offered.

Eventually, the police reached a “no further action” decision regarding my second case. Despite the fact that they didn’t feel the case was strong enough for a criminal prosecution, Sam stood by her promise to run the civil claim against the school on a no-win-no-fee basis. Because of the complexity of the case, this was a much longer process than with the first claim, but Sam kept me fully informed throughout. She also showed great patience and understanding when dealing with my questions and concerns. My conversations with Sam never felt rushed and she always provided whatever reassurance I needed without me feeling like she was watching the clock all the time. After the school’s insurer made an initial offer to settle, Sam arranged for me to have a consultation with a medical expert to get a proper assessment of the impact the abuse had had on my mental health. This resulted in the insurers doubling their initial offer.

Sam explained to me that in a case like mine it was very hard to say how much compensation I should expect to receive as there was no set formula for calculating a figure. However, the fact that Sam has worked on so many sexual abuse cases meant that she was able to use her experience of how past claims have settled to advise me on what sort of offer I should or shouldn’t be willing to accept.  I know from friends in the legal profession that being a good lawyer is as much about tactics and negotiation as it is about understanding the law. And Sam proved to be an excellent tactician and negotiator – advising me on the risks of proceeding to trial and helping me balance these against whatever offer was on the table at the time. In the end, her negotiation skills paid off and we reached an out of court settlement with a sum that was £45,000 higher than the first offer that the school’s insurer had made.

In summary, I cannot recommend Sam highly enough. Not every solicitor would have the skills that are needed to deal with the victims of a crime like sexual abuse. But Sam does. Over the seven years that I have been dealing with Sam, I have found her to be highly knowledgeable and experienced in her area of the law but, just as importantly, I have found her to be patient, supportive, compassionate, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to about even the most delicate subjects. One of the other great things about Sam is that she responds to everything personally and is easy to get hold of by phone. And on the rare occasions when Sam has not been available, I have been able to speak to Robert instead, who has also been extremely helpful and approachable.

My advice to anyone who is thinking of seeking compensation for non-recent sexual abuse is to avoid the big-name firms and use a solicitor that specialises exclusively in sexual abuse claims. And, when it comes to choosing such a specialist, I doubt you’ll find anyone as good as Samantha Robson at Robson Shaw.

Survivor of childhood historic abuse at a boarding school


Dear Sam, as I assume this will now be one of our last times communicating together, I would like to take this time to deeply thank you for everything you've done for me over this past year. I was originally hesitant to reach out and contact you which I'm not sure if it was due to shame or just reluctance to open up myself to thinking about that part of my life. Over the past year you have been so helpful with everything and even back to one of our first phone calls where I spoke about everything that had happened.  It was so helpful to just be able to communicate how I felt about everything and what happened and receive such compassion from someone who most likely has to listen and work with the most harrowing of cases really truly helped me. I do not really feel like I can put into words how much this all means to me, I am sure you have heard this from many clients in the past, but in regards to just in general and not just my case what you do is an amazing thing working with people who have gone through some of the worst things imaginable and trying to gain some form of recompense for them. I wish you and your firm success in the future and hope you can continue bringing some form of justice to people who have gone through such horrible things and help them re gain control over things that impact such large aspects of their lives.

Childhood survivor of Dr Myles Bradbury


Robert has been very professional, informative and yet understanding while dealing with my case. Always responding promptly to my calls or emails. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Claim against an Estate by a childhood victim of his uncle

I was involved with this firm for about 6yrs... I found Samantha to be so professional yet very friendly, she went above and beyond for me, kept me updated with everything, every step of the way.  I feel so blessed to have found this firm.  She got me a fantastic result on my case and I would recommend her to anyone looking for this kind of solicitor.  Then I had another case, which was a follow on from Samantha's case. I worked with Robert on this case, I found him to be very straightforward and professional, he gave excellent advice and support and got me a very rapid settlement. 

I would say that if you are looking for a fully professional service this is the firm for you!!!!!

Survivor of historic sexual abuse based in London


Robert is an excellent solicitor.  He is thorough, explains things clearly, and has been a tower of strength in obtaining compensation for my historic abuse.  My case was complex and it felt like a fruitless David and Goliath battle, until I signed up with Robson Shaw.  From that point onwards, Robert made everything simple.   Although the abuse happened a long time ago, its insidious effect on me today meant it was difficult to even think about the compensation process and to answer correspondence myself; it was always a comfort to have Robert representing me and doing this work for me. 

I was always able to ring Robert up for reassurance and to ask questions to put my mind at ease.  He was patient and kind, and a tireless fighter for justice.  The conclusion of my claim was that Robert upped my final compensation by over ten times – from the initial offer of £19,000, to a final total award of £207,000.  For any survivor of abuse considering applying for compensation, I cannot recommend Robert highly enough.  Aside from being a true expert in his field, Robert is an all-round nice guy to talk to on the phone.  I would happily recommend Robert to anyone looking to challenge the CICA.

CICA applicant successfully challenging an initial CICA award


On behalf of myself & my family I can’t thank Samantha & Robert enough, for all their intricate work and attention to detail and indeed their compassion throughout the process of an long period of time, now finalising our very sensitive claim!

They battled for us for the very best outcome and finally we got there, we feel now we have closure on what has been a terrible ordeal.

All at Robsonshaw have been there for us all every step of the way to support us, kind and caring and understanding everything we needed and more 

We highly recommend Samantha and her team.

Adolescent girl affected by the Dr Bradbury scandal


I spoke to several so-called specialist solicitors prior to instructing Sam at Robson Shaw to deal with my claim and am glad I did. Mine was a particularly complex and detailed claim for a number of reasons, and despite having previously advised the most I could expect to receive would be set at the scheme cap of circa £120,000, Sam never waivered in the pursuit of my being able to recover substantially more, and this despite advice from a Barrister opining that the scheme made no provision to recover more than that which had been offered.

Sam was always without exception readily available to deal with my queries and concerns such that I had, of which there were many!!. Throughout the claim, Sam was met with a continuous barrage for request for further information by the scheme Solicitors, much of it detailed and complex, and she rose to the occasion by responding to the scheme solicitors in a timely and detailed fashion.  She never adopted a tick box mentality in pursuing my claim, and her preparation and attention to detail throughout was both flawless and exemplary. Her persistence, in actually trawling through thousands of pages, line by line of medical records, HMRC records, and care records, meant she was able to rebuff all and any of the tenuous arguments made by the scheme solicitors in the hope they could settle my claim at the initial and only offer they made two years previously. Ultimately Sam settled my claim in the sum of several hundred thousand pounds. She does things properly. Always.

I cannot recommend her highly enough, she never once waivered or gave up.

Lambeth Redress Scheme Applicant


Dear Sam, I would like to thankyou so much for everything you have done for me regarding my case over the last few years.  Number one for taking it on in the first place, and number two, for the fantastic professional job you have done and your patience with me throughout. I wish you every success in the future. It's gonna feel weird now we have finally come to the end of a very long road. I can't thank you enough.

Successful claim relating to historical abuse by his football coach


"I am so glad that I came across Samantha and her practice. Having read her website I realised that she specialised in the type of cases that I was dealing with. I can honestly say bar none, my historical case of sexual abuse was the most difficult situation I had ever to deal with in my entire life. Being in my 60's I do not say this lightly.

Her care and genuine compassion was  immeasurable. There is a vulnerability that cannot even be  measured in these sort of cases. I had had to go places that I had shut off mentally for decades. She held my hand emotionally and really steered me in the right direction. On more than one occasion  I felt ready to give up when the delays for responses  became unbearable. For instance,  I had to wait 10 weeks from the point of putting in my claim to see a specialist medical practitioner at their request. You can imagine the anxiety  I felt having to speak with someone that I had never met before about the most personal things, such as the elements of specific sexual abuse, and the effect this had had on me both in my childhood and into my adult life.  When I did see the specialist it was life changing. Such a brilliant Doctor, that more importantly believed what I was saying. From the outset I always felt that Samantha believed me, and that is what gave me the resolve to carry on.     

Now that my case has been settled I feel that I have got closure and can move on with my life There are no words that will ever express what help Samantha had given me, and what you need in these sort of situations is the right person in your corner. I know that  I had the best support possible. 

I would urge anyone who is facing this difficult  situation whether male or female, to seek the help of this fabulous Law Firm."

Childhood survivor of historical sexual abuse and mistreatment


"I am very thankful that my husband found Robert online, it was such a big decision for me to take, but Robert made it so much easier. He explained the process clearly and kept me up to date on how things were proceeding. He made this difficult situation so much easier, in fact I will miss our conversations! I can't thank you enough."

Successful claim against the Estate of the deceased perpetrator

"Robert is one of the nicest, most helpful solicitors that you can get. He handles sensitive situations and information well. My case took much longer than anticipated due to the pandemic and unforeseen events and he never gave up pushing and fighting for me. I will be forever grateful for all his help and how he has helped me in my journey to move on from the abuse I’ve suffered. 

And I just want to say thank you."

Victim of serious sexual abuse within the family - successful civil claim against the perpetrator 


" I came to Robsonshaw after being unsure if I had a chance of changing the compensation award I received as a child since my mental health had deteriorated since then. Robert was available to give advice straight away and even helped me to arranged consultations and for my medical notes to be sent. He did everything for me and made it as simple as could be. 

The CICA are very slow and made another quite low offer initially, but Robert informed me we should ask for it to be reviewed and so we did. The new award went from £30,000 up to £90,000 after having to wait a while. 

This process would have been impossible without the help of Robsonshaw and I am eternally grateful to them for their caring assistance with this. If you need a solicitor for this type of claim then look no further. Robert and Samantha are the best at what they do."

Successful CICA Review on behalf of a victim of historic sexual abuse


"Dear Samantha, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and throughout this case you have given me good advice.  Without your help and support I would never have achieved such a great outcome.  When speaking with you I have never felt awkward and you have always made me feel at ease.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for helping me gain a substantial award."

Former Resident at Shirley Oaks - Applicant under the Lambeth Redress Scheme Claim


"Thank you so much Sam for all that you have done for me.  Although what happened to me will always be there, you've helped me enormously.  I am so pleased that you were my solicitor throughout my application to Lambeth as your understanding, knowledge, sensitivity and commitment really helped me through this difficult process."

Shirley Oaks survivor following serious sexual abuse suffered


"Samantha helped me in a time of need. She was always prompt with her replies and went far and beyond to achieve a good result for me.  I would like to thank her again from the bottom of my heart."

Victim of Dr Myles Bradbury


When I called Robson Shaw I had already spoken to another solicitor and felt very despondent about the response I received. When I spoke to Robert. I knew straight away I'd found the right person.

Robert listened, didn't judge, wasn't negative and most importantly, believed me. He dealt with me professionally and compassionately. I felt it was ok to question things and Robert was happy to explain legal issues in a way I could understand.

This has been life changing for me & I am very grateful.  Nothing will change what happened to me but the successful outcome of my case has reframed my view of the situation. With Robert's help I have taken back the power the abuse still had over me 35 years later.

I have recommended Robson Shaw to others and will continue to do so. 

Rachel - Survivor of historic sexual abuse


"Having Robert handle my case professionally and achieving a payout under the Lambeth Redress Scheme was very comforting, but I wasn't sure I would be entitled to the second element of the claim. Sam phoned me and said I had a very good case to go forward and talked me through the next steps, the more we spoke the greater my confidence grew and by the end of the conversation I had decided to go ahead. I am so glad I did, I was kept informed on everything that happened, and although the process took a little while during last year I received a further payout early in 2021.

 It wasn’t easy to recall bad memories of almost 60 years ago that I thought I had long buried, but in the end I have faced my demons with Robsonshaw's professionalism and sensitivity and life is so much better for that."

Carol - Lambeth Redress Scheme Applicant

"I thought long and hard about contacting a solicitor, but eventually contacted Robert Shaw.  He dealt with me with compassion and genuine care. No amount of money can change what happened me all those years ago but thanks to Mr Shaw I now have a substantial amount in my bank account for the first time in my life....which will change my life.  I didn’t think I had a hope of any compensation but thanks to the hard work of this excellent firm this was not the case."

Historic survivor of childhood abuse within the Scouting movement

"Sam handled my case sensitively and professionally. She provided support through every step to ensure a successful outcome, without losing that personal touch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her practice to others.”

Childhood victim of Dr Myles Bradbury


"Dear Sam, thank you so much for the way you have dealt with my scouts claim and it draws a line under the events and I now hope to put it behind me and get on with my life.  The advice you have given throughout has been sound and helpful.  The compensation has given me the chance to get counselling and enable me to deal with the issues the abuse caused me."

Historic abuse survivor within the scouting movement


"Hi Samantha, thank you so much for helping me resolve my historic case.  Despite the fact these events happened 45 years ago, you still gained compensation for me and I am truly grateful for your efforts."

Abuse survivor following sexual abuse at the hands of former teacher Michael Wilde


"Sam has truly been a truly amazing person during my claim against a children's home.

She has shown great professionalism during my case. She has been very supportive and given great advise and guidance during this whole process that has been very emotional for me and my family. Sam has kept me very much focused and in check on the whole process and my feet on the ground. 

Sam has ensured that I have been kept up to-date with everything that has happened, both good things and set backs, but she has ensured we received the goal in the end.

Thank you Sam for all your support and everything you have done for my family and myself!!!

Survivor at Shirley Oaks Children's Homes


Sam was invaluable in helping me through an extremely difficult and traumatic time, no problem was too small and no question was too trivial she explained every step in a language I that was understandable to the layman. She walked me through each step and even when I felt unable to continue, she was there to pick me up support and steer me through the process which made my journey easier. Sam went over and above what I expected from a lawyer and felt more like a friend that had my best interests at heart, she always returned emails and phone calls promptly and checked in even when there were no new developments. 

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Robson Shaw, I found Sam both knowledgeable and caring in her approach, Robson Shaw was pivotal in the final outcome which resulted in my being awarded a six-figure sum.
Former resident at Shirley Oaks Children's Homes


Thank you Sam and the team at Robson Shaw Solicitors for all your hard work and dedication.  As you are very much aware Sam this was a very complex case and at times a roller coaster but you and your team at Robson Shaw stuck through it and went above and beyond in reaching an excellent outcome which I am truly grateful for. Although the wounds and pain of sexual abuse do not go away you try your best in life to manage and live with it but by the great result which you have achieved for me it is good to have recognition to what I have suffered and to be able to move forward in my life. Once again thank you.

Sex abuse victim, Roman Catholic Church


A thorough professional approach helping and guiding me through an extremely difficult time, but without losing that personal touch that was important for me.

Victim of non-recent sexual abuse by his school teacher


After working with Samantha for some time - I found her communication impeccable, and every aspect of my claim treated with the highest professional standard. The whole process was treated with sensitivity with all my queries answered clearly. To end with a successful win concluded to give me a sense of justice that I would have otherwise struggled to overcome alone. Thank you Samantha to you and your team.

Victim of sexual abuse at a secondary school


Robson Shaw provided me with a professional and helpful service leading to a successful outcome of my personal injury compensation claim.  Any questions were always answered clearly and promptly.  I felt supported throughout the process and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Injury victim, Dorset


Robert Shaw was a consummate professional to engage with ensuring that communication with the client was strong throughout and worked tirelessly to arrive at a timely and very positive result regarding a personally sensitive matter. I would not hesitate to use his services again.’ 

Historic abuse victim, Bristol


After being told that I was ‘out of time’ to bring a case for child abuse when I was around 10 but now in my 70’s, I came across Sam at Robson Shaw whilst searching the internet. I had spoken to other larger practices who were specialists in this field and was told that I had left things too long.

From my first contact I was reassured by Sam that it was possible to still bring a claim and within a matter of weeks the claim process had started. Whilst from that point it took over a year to conclude the outcome was far beyond my initial expectations. The manner in which she dealt with the very sensitive issues I had gave me the confidence to face up to some of the ‘demons’ that had built up over many years.

The journey I had been on for a very long time all of a sudden came to an end. It wasn’t about the financial settlement but more a case of closing a chapter in my life and moving on. I will for ever be grateful to Sam for the way she conducted the whole process from the beginning to the end.

Survivor of sexual abuse within the Scouting movement


"What can I say, other than thank you for all your support and assistance throughout, and for achieving this tangible outcome for me. In more than one way, it will give me a fresh start and a clearer mind moving forward and a massive sense of relief that I did actually deal with the issue and pick up the phone to you in the first instance. From a 'professional' point of view, you are exactly the sort of lawyer I like to deal with - clear communications; prompt responses and action and best outcome achieved - faultless! Thank you so much."

Sexual abuse survivor, abused by a teacher in Lancashire


"Sam took on my case when others had refused, she was amazing and so understanding and did so much work on my behalf, Sam and the team were all friendly and caring, I was amazed at the end result, and was awarded over £85,000 in compensation. I am so grateful for all there patience and hard work."

Injury victim from Exeter


"Sam is a very special solicitor with an uplifting spirit. She dealt with my Kendall House claim with efficiency and the manner in which she spoke to me allowed me to maintain my confidence in her.  She maintained my privacy at all times.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other survivors of sexual abuse.”

Kendall House Victim


"Sam at Robson Shaw came highly recommended and proceeded to exceed expectations by immediately moving things forward from the distressing stalemate we were in. Understanding our situation, frustrations and needs we were kept informed with consideration and empathy, with further inconveniences minimised, culminating in a positive and satisfying conclusion. Without her expertise and professionalism we would still be looking to reach a satisfactory outcome, which she overachieved. I recommend Sam and Robson Shaw to help resolve your legal issues." Andrew 

"I would like to thank Sam at Robson Shaw for all her hard work helping us end the legal struggle, which had overtaken our lives, with great success. My only regret is not trusting in expert support and professional help sooner and I recommend her services." Victoria

Andrew Blackburn and Victoria Thompson


After being initially rejected by the CICA for my claim for compensation regarding childhood abuse and rape I was hesitant to try and fight the decision and felt vulnerable after recently giving evidence against my abuser. Then I found RobsonShaw Solicitors while researching online the help available for survivors making a CICA claim. The website was very informative but, I was scared that I might be rejected again and end up with a hefty fee or that I might be caught in a scam. I need not have worried. Robert swiftly took charge of the process and explained the steps required to take matters forward. There was always a honest, frank and friendly voice on the other side of the phone when I needed advice and guidance. My case was handled with sensitivity and this helped me to deal with the difficult process of appeal as well as talk about elements of the abuse that occurred. Surprisingly, I did not feel compromised by having a male representative and that is a testament to how sensitively this process was handled by Robert. I am glad that I did take that huge step and contact RobsonShaw solicitors as I have experienced a very positive outcome. Thank you Robert for guiding me through a process which is very difficult to navigate as a survivor of abuse. Without you I would not have been able to give something to my family and feel some joy from seeing them happy. You have given me the opportunity to close this chapter and begin moving forward. I am very grateful.

Victim of childhood sexual abuse wins CICA Appeal


It is such a distressing time to have to go over such awful events, at the same time fighting with the people who are responsible in order to get justice. Samantha has supported me through a very difficult time, without her patience and understanding I don't think I could have gone ahead with my claim. Samantha took all the pressure off me and made the process as bearable as it could have been. I will forever be grateful to her. Thank you." 

A victim of childhood sexual abuse within a religious community


"Dear Samantha, I cannot thank you enough for your help.  If there are any organisations that reward excellent solicitors I will be happy to tell them how delighted I am with your services.  You have no idea how much this money will help me and change my life, so thank you so much.  I would recommend your company to anybody.  You have dealt with my case efficiently and quickly and kept me informed at all times, again thank you so much."

Former Kendall House resident


It was a hard decision for me to pursue a claim knowing full well that I would have to recall many memories that I have struggled with in the past.  I have to say I found both Samantha and Robert were patient, sensitive and understanding from the outset.  They offered me a 'no surprises' approach which gave me the confidence I really needed.  My case was of historic sexual, physical and mental abuse which happened over 30 years ago and during my time in a children's home in Nottinghamshire.  Samantha successfully negotiated a settlement for me which has finally given me the closure I needed."

Abuse victim, Mansfield


I was represented by Sam recently. It was a sensitive case and Sam was a joy to deal with. She handled everything perfectly and was efficient, patient and very easy to work with.  I have no hesitation in recommending her services"

Andy, Spain


"Sam, I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help, finalising this will help me greatly in terms of moving forward with my life after many years of feeling responsible for what happened.  Your help has made a huge difference to my life - you do a fantastic job."

Victim of sexual abuse as a teenager by her school teacher


“My case was successfully dealt with by Sam Robson with utmost professionalism and discretion. I was kept fully informed throughout the whole process and my options were explained in great detail. Mrs Robson is a sympathetic listener which is a great asset, particularly in sensitive cases. For me it was quite cathartic."

Mr S, France, abused within the Scouts


“I suffered terrible abuse at children’s home in Wales.  When I came out I was a mess and went to prison.  I never really talked about it until I spoke to Sam.  She understood and said she would try and help me.  But there were problems with the law and Sam couldn’t get me any money.  Sam tried very hard to help me but I was let down by the system."

Mr H, Devon  


“I would have no hesitation recommending Sam as an injury solicitor, her attention to detail was remarkable and persistence with difficult defendants enabled me to win the compensation I deserved.  Sam not only helped me win compensation but has also successfully represented several of my relatives."

Mrs Chaplin, Chigwell


“After being seriously sexually assaulted at the age of 13, my life as I knew it was over. I developed severe post traumatic stress disorder which quickly lead to psychotic mental illness. I needed constant care and was admitted to hospital on a number of occasions. I thought that life would follow this pattern forever, or until I could stand it no more and eventually end my own life. I could not work and relied on benefits to live. Sam changed this, she gave me a second chance at life. From the moment I met her, I knew our paths had been destined to cross. She treated me with respect and compassion and from the onset, she was determined to help me find justice. She left no stone unturned and did everything in her power to make sure my claim succeeded, and it did. I eventually felt like I had some sort of justice, that someone other than myself was responsible for what happened to me. The compensation I received has completely changed my life. I was able to buy my own home and invest money in property which means I now have my own income. It has meant that I have choices in life again. Every time I use the money that Sam obtained for me I say a silent 'thank you' to her in my head. I cannot say thank you enough, and I am forever grateful for the second chance in life that Sam has given me. I will never forget what she has done for me. Thank you Sam x."  

Stephanie, Plymouth


“Sam Robson is a Solicitor I would highly recommend.  She is genuine, honest, very approachable and understanding. Above all she is extremely conscientious in her work.   The thing that impressed me most about Sam was the fact that she would always go that extra mile and it was obvious that she genuinely cared about me and getting the best result for me. Which she did and I cannot thank her enough."  

Anonymous abuse victim, Devon


"Sam dealt with my claim against the Scouts with speed and efficiency.  She clearly has considerable experience in dealing with historic abuse claims and put me at ease through all the stages of my successful claim.  I would have no hesistation recommending Sam to any victim of sexual abuse."

Mr B, Birkenhead


"I would highly recommend Samantha Robson to victims of sexual abuse. She   is very experienced, caring and respectful. I suffered in silence for many years, but Sam helped me to get justice. My self-esteem and confidence were knocked out by the traumatic experiences I had, but reaching justice has helped me to regain them. Sam successfully won my case and managed to obtain a compensation five times bigger than what was originally offered to me. I am so grateful for what she has done for me. Thank you Sam."

A student who suffered sexual abuse and harassment at University


"I contacted Sam following a conviction of my former teacher for historic sexual assault.  My claim was dealt with quickly and Sam made the whole process stress free.  She is very understanding and an easy person to speak to.  Now I've finally got a closure on the whole event thanks to her help."

Sexual abuse victim, Stockport


"Sam represented me in a personal injury claim against a Hotel in Dartford where I slipped and fell. Sam is a tenacious litigator and went the extra mile to gain compensation for me.  She guaranteed me 100% of my compensation which she honoured.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam as a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable solicitor."

Kobad Bankwala, Essex


"I found Sam's details on the internet and contacted her via Facebook about my historic abuse claim against Bryn Estyn.  Sam came to visit me in South Wales and talked to me about my claim with total understanding, she had already represented numerous male survivors of sexual abuse at Bryn Estyn.  I cannot thank her enough for the work that she did for me on my claim. She successfully negotiated a five figure award of damages for me which I was delighted with."

Sexual abuse vicitim, South Wales


I would have no hesitation in recommending Robert Shaw as a solicitor specialising in historic sexual abuse claims.  He successfully took on my case against a UK based evangelical Christian Church that had caused me to suffer both physical and sexual abuse during my childhood. He gained a five figure sum of damages after protracted negotiations.  He was extremely professional and my thanks go to Robert for winning my case".

Mr C, abuse victim from Northampton