Claims Against Children's Homes

Over the years many young people were sent to Children’s Homes often following problems at home and family breakdown.  Through no fault of their own children were left in a bewildering environment with little hope and even less love and affection.   Routinely paedophiles targeted Children’s homes as a place where they could prey on young and vulnerable victims.  The children were unable to evade the attention of these people and if they did try and escape were brought back by the police to the home to be sexually abused again and again.  The survivors often feel they have been let down not only by their circumstances but also by the care system that did not protect then when they most needed help and even now by local authorities that make it very difficult to obtain any information about the abuse that has been “hushed up”.

The IICSA enquiry has now exposed the wholescale sexual abuse of children, both girls and boys, that took place at these establishments often in plain sight of the authorities who would turn a blind eye.  At robsonshaw we routinely instruct Barristers involved in the IICSA enquiry and have launched many claims for compensation against Local Authorities up and down the country.  Sam is now actively involved in the Lambeth Children’s Homes Redress Scheme and one of the “go-to” solicitors instructed by the Shirley Oaks Survivors Scheme.

At robsonshaw we have brought claims for compensation against Liverpool City Council resulting in a 5 figure settlement and councils in other metropolitan boroughs up and down the country.

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