Claims Against Children's Homes

Whilst most children's homes provide a safe and secure setting for vulnerable children who are `looked-after' by social services, occasionally children have been let down by this system and have suffered physical and sexual abuse whilst in care. Actions can be brought against the local authority responsible for the children's home and the local authority may be liable for the wrongdoings of their members of staff, and in some cases visitors to the home or other residents.  These claims are different from `fail to remove’ cases which are now difficult to pursue following a decision of the Supreme Court in Poole Borough Council -v- CN & GN decided on 6th June 2019.  As a consequence of the Poole decision, a local authority is unlikely to be liable for failing to protect children from harm caused by third parties.  However, the law in relation to children’s homes and the liability of a local authority for its employees’ wrongdoings is still clear.  Where a child suffers sexual and physical abuse at the hands of a member of staff employed or the responsibility of the local authority, a successful claim can still be launched.

Some children's homes are run by organisations such as Action for Children (formerly National Children's Home) and sadly some of these centres have been targeted by abusers who could prey on young and vulnerable children which have given rise to many legal claims.

At Robsonshaw, we have years of experience in bringing claim against organisations such as Action for Children and local authorities up and down the country, including Flintshire County Council for historic physical and sexual abuse suffered at Bryn Estyn children's homes in North Wales; Royal Borough of Greenwich for wrongdoings committed at their homes and notably Gavestone Road and Peterstone Children’s Home in Abby Wood; Cardiff County Council for failures suffered at children's homes in South Wales; Cheshire Council for children who suffered abuse at St Joseph's care home in Nantwich. We have also acted for a group of women who suffered over-medication, mistreatment and sexual abuse at Kendall House in Kent which was a children’s home approved by Kent County Council but was the legal responsibility of the Diocese of Rochester and Canterbury. 

Robsonshaw are also acting for numerous survivors of historic sexual and physical abuse for individuals affected by the Shirley Oaks scandal.  The London Borough of Lambeth is the first Council in England to launch a Redress Scheme to compensate those who suffered physical and sexual abuse and neglect in its borough's former children's homes.  We have secured six-figure pay-outs for residents of Shirley Oaks homes and continue to represent many clients who were looked-after children under Lambeth's care.

To speak to us about your potential claim following mistreatment, sexual and physical abuse and neglect at a children's home, please contact us at or telephone us on 01392 345333.   We offer a confidential consultation and will happily talk through with you your options on a no-obligation basis. We offer no win no fee type funding arrangements for all our claims against children's homes.