Why choose Robsonshaw?

In 2014 Samantha Robson and Robert Shaw launched Robsonshaw solicitors with one aim in mind, to offer you second-to-none expertise, combined with outstanding client service.  Robsonshaw is a niche firm that specialises in claims for compensation for those who have suffered sexual abuse.  We do nothing else, which is why we have acquired a considerable reputation for our expertise.

Who are we?

Sam has spent all her working life as a personal injury lawyer fighting for compensation on behalf of individuals against large insurers, local authorities and institutions.  Without Sam’s expertise, survivors for whom she has secured millions of pounds compensation over the years would have found find themselves in a David v Goliath struggle, one that would otherwise have ended in disappointment.  Read more about Sam.

Robert has been a commercial lawyer and well versed with the complexities of suing large corporations, taking on well-funded and expensively represented institutions who all-too-frequently are involved in claims for compensation.  Read more about Robert.

Between the two of them, Sam and Robert have over sixty years of taking up the mantle on behalf of the little man against large and mean insurers and other institutions.

Providing support, compassion and empathy

Of course, legal knowledge and expertise are not enough.  Compassion and empathy are very important.  Survivors are often unsure what to do and need lots of support along the way. Over the years Sam and Robert have helped hundreds of survivors and we know just how important it is for clients to have trust in us.  That trust is not easily earned and we strive to bring a real sense of commitment to our work.  You will never be talked-down to, and there is no question that you should be too embarrassed to ask.

Helping clients fight for compensation for sexual abuse

As part of our client commitment, we have decided to operate a 24/7 office.  We know that survivors do not necessarily operate on strict office hours and therefore you can call us at any time of the day or night. We will answer the phone or a message will be taken for us to call you back.  This means you do not need to leave a problem or issue burning away at you. Just speak to us and we will help.

Sam and Robert are both senior, experienced solicitors and Directors of the business.  You will not talk to anyone junior, and so your claim will always be handled by a very experienced solicitor.

We are always very happy to speak to you informally at the outset to hear your issues, and give guidance about your options.  Of course, there will be no charge for this advice and we invariably find that clients are relieved there is no pressure-selling, or early and hidden charges that bedevil Claims Management Companies and some solicitors.

How our fees work

If we think you have a good claim we will offer a No Win, No Fee agreement for civil claims, and we pay your disbursements as they fall due.  This means that you do not have to worry about funding your claim as it progresses.  Our fees are paid by your opponent at the end of the claim.  

If you want to bring a Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claim and we think you have a good case we will offer you a Contingency Fee agreement with a flat 25% fee.  It is only paid if you win and only out of your winnings at the end of the claim.  

We understand the sexual abuse survivors may worry about legal fees, and we want to be as transparent as possible. Please read more about how fees are charged