robsonshaw only uses qualified solicitors

Don’t settle for second best!

At robsonshaw, only experienced, qualified solicitors will represent you. 

Our solicitors will take sole charge of your case and guarantee that it will not be passed to an unqualified, inexperienced `lawyer’.   Lawyers are not necessarily qualified solicitors.  Many firms promise your case will be dealt with by "lawyers"  but often this simply means your case is taken on by unqualified and inexperienced junior staff, something we at robsonshaw can guarantee will not happen. 

Beware of claims management companies who have little or no legal expertise.  They will simply sell your case to the highest bidder regardless of expertise and your wishes.

At robsonshaw we fully appreciate the complexities of sexual abuse claims. Our solicitors have years of litigation experience and this, coupled with their compassionate personalities, will help you achieve the compensation you deserve.