Funding your compensation claim

A genuine "no win, no fee"!

We understand that sexual abuse victims may worry about legal fees.  At robsonshaw, we will provide our initial advice and case assessment on a free, no obligation basis.  If we proceed with your claim, we will offer you a no win, no fee arrangement.  

We may also fund your expenses, known as disbursements, such as the cost of obtaining a medical report or court fees.  This means you can relax and don’t have to worry about a nasty legal bill which can add to the trauma of dealing with your abuse claim. You may have legal expenses insurance to help fund your case.  We will investigate this at the outset and advise if your legal expenses insurance will fund the claim.

At the conclusion of the case, if the claim succeeds, we will recover your legal fees from the opponent.  Unlike most solicitors, we will not ask you to pay any shortfall in your fees.  In common with other solicitors we will charge you a success fee if you win compensation.  The success fee is capped and cannot be more than 25% of your damages.  This fee is charged to reflect the risks to the firm in offering a no win, no fee arrangement. We will try to keep the success fee to a minimum, and don’t forget, this fee is only paid if you win your case.  If the case fails, we will not charge you a penny.

Contingency fee agreements

We also conduct cases on a contingency fee basis.  These funding arrangements are suitable for a claim to the CICA as no legal costs are payable under this government-run scheme.  If your claim to the CICA succeeds, we will charge you 25% including VAT for the work done in achieving your award, irrespective of the hours we spend on your case.  In addition, you may have to pay for expert evidence, but we will advise you before incurring these expenses.  We will ensure experts’ fees are kept to a minimum and will be deducted from the winnings if your case succeeds.  Occasionally the CICA will pay experts’ fees in addition to the award.

If your CICA claim fails for any reason, there will be no charge for the work done on the case.