Claim compensation for abuse by Police Officers

Sexual Abuse by Police Officers

Abuse of powers by police officers for sex is now the biggest corruption issue the IOPC has to deal with. Police officers in half of the U.K.'s police forces are currently being investigated for allegations of sexual abuse.

Robsonshaw can help you with your claim involving sexual offences committed by police officers. High profile cases such as Sarah Everard have raised awareness of these claims and more and more victims are coming forward. Speak to us about a potential claim for compensation.

At Robsonshaw, we have many years of dedicated experience of bringing claims against the police where an officer has abused their position of power and authority and taken advantage of vulnerable victims. We are aware that victims may take many years before they feel confident enough to report allegations of historic sexual abuse. Victims are understandably concerned about reporting allegations of sexual abuse to the very same police force where the officer worked. The police are therefore investigating one of their own. In these cases, confidence in the police is understandably very low. At Robsonshaw, we can support you through this difficult process and advise you how to make a civil claim against the police force involved. We are only too aware from our experience in representing victims of police sexual abuse, that the police may disbelieve the allegations. A victim may feel that their allegations will not be investigated properly or taken seriously. This should not be a barrier to coming forward. We have successfully represented numerous victims who have brought claims against the police involving sexual abuse committed by a police officer.

No win, no fee

We offer no-win no fee arrangements for this type of claim which means that you do not have to worry about funding your case, or legal fees if your claim fails. Please contact us on a confidential no obligation basis and we can explain the funding options that we offer.

FREE Legal Helpline

We offer a FREE helpline and you can call us at any time on a 24/7 basis.  We have over 20 years- experience in dealing with this highly specialised area of law.  Our solicitors will listen to you with patience and explain the legal claims process in a clear and easy to understand way.

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