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Hampshire football coach Alfie Morel sentenced

Released On 24th Apr 2022

Hampshire football coach behind bars

Alfie Morel aged 24, a football coach, who lived and worked in Hampshire, has now been sentenced to almost 16 years imprisonment for sexual offences against three boys and a girl, including attempted rape and sexual assault.

Morel committed the offences between 2020 and 2021.  Morel worked as a football coach and targeted the children, taking advantage of the fact that they were interested in football and then started engaging with them on social media, creating private chat groups and even offering them the opportunity to be captain of a football team in return for sexual favours.

Morel groomed both the children and their parents who thought of him as a friend. Morel gained a position of trust and responsibility in both the school environment and football coaching world. He then went on to abuse his position, lying and manipulating his victims for his own sexual pleasure.  The boys were all football mad and were so keen to impress the coach, that they were coerced by him into being sexually abused.  The offences were committed at the victims homes and in the perpetrators car whilst they were away for football.  One of the mums of the victims described the abuse as sickening and another that her son's childhood would always be tinged with sadness.

The lives of these victims and their families have been turned upside down.  At Robsonshaw, our solicitors have worked with children and parents affected by sexual abuse.  We are here to help you navigate the claims process, providing clear and specialist advice.  Sam has been working with survivors of sexual abuse for over twenty two years.  She has represented countless children who have been sexually abused, including young victims of Nigel Leat and Dr Myles Bradbury, working closely with those families to gain the compensation their victims deserved.  She was also instrumental in setting up a family scheme to help the parents of children involved in the Myles Bradbury case. She has won 5 figure awards of compensation for those young victims, which included compensation for therapy so that the children could access private specialist counselling to help them come to terms with what had occurred. 

Those who employed Morel are very likely to be legally liable for his wrongdoing.  Civil claims can be launched against the organisation responsible for an offender where that individual uses their role to gain access to their victims and then abuse their position of trust and responsibility. At Robsonshaw, we can also provide expert help on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Scheme which helps to provide financial recompense to blameless victims of crimes of violence.

If you or family member have been affected by the Alfie Morel scandal, please contact us anytime on 01392 345333 or email us at enquiries@robsonshaw.uk for a free, confidential and no obligation discussion about your potential claim.  We know that clients worry about legal fees, but this should not deter you from coming forward and seeking justice.  Please ask us about our no win no fee arrangements to fund your claim.