Claims Against My Abuser

Most childhood sexual abuse takes place within the family and the survivor often knows the identity of the parent, relative, friend or neighbour that sexually abuses her. The difficulty with sexual abuse within the family is that the survivor has no escape and no means of extricating themselves from the perpetrator.  One such victim spoke of her abuser “like a spider building a web” such was his increasing control of her.  Such is the frequency of such abuse that in May 2019, a definition was added for Child Sexual Abuse within the family environment (also known as Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse).

Sexual abuse which takes place within family environments often remains hidden and is the most secretive and difficult type of abuse for children and young people to disclose. It may be particularly difficult to disclose abuse by a sibling.  Many children and young people do not recognise themselves as victims of sexual abuse - a child may not understand what is happening and may not even understand that it is wrong especially as the perpetrator will seek to reduce the risk of disclosure by threatening them, telling them they will not be believed or holding them responsible for their own abuse.

Usually, it is many years after the abuse that the survivor tells anyone and the trigger points are often when the survivor has her own children.  Reporting abuse to the police brings its own problems and some survivors feel guilty if the abuser is a father or close friend or relative. Bringing a claim for compensation so many years later also brings its own unique problems.  By then all trace of the abuse may be gone and the perpetrator dead. There may not be a police investigation and the perpetrator may not have been convicted.  Even if there is good evidence of the abuse the perpatrator it may not be possible to trace the perpetrator and he may not have any money to pay compensation. At robsonshaw we have considerable experience of bringing claims for compensation against individuals long after the abuse has ceased.  We undertake property searches and work with enquiry agents to find the perpetrators assets that he may have hidden or disposed off in an attempt to avoid paying compensation.

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