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Released On 9th Jun 2022

Were you a victim of Dr Myles Bradbury?

Updated 9th June 2022

Specialist child abuse solicitor, Samantha Robson, discusses one of the latest cases of sexual abuse to hit the headlines

Samantha Robson, Specialist child abuse solicitorA 41 year old doctor has admitted sexually abusing boys in his care. Dr Myles Bradbury graduated in 1996 from the University of Birmingham.  He registered as a haematologist in 2007 and worked as a paediatric haematologist at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge for five years.   He undertook a study of malignancy between April 2012 and March 2013 where he had access to 128 young people.  Addenbrooke’s hospital suspended Dr Bradbury in November 2013 after complaints about his behaviour. 

At a hearing at Cambridge Crown Court on 15 September, Bradbury pleaded guilty to 25 offences and has admitted sexually abusing boys to whom he had access.  He also admitted to making more than 16000 indecent images.  No doubt Bradbury will be facing a lengthy period in custody when he is eventually sentenced.

What is shocking about this case is the appalling breach of trust between this doctor and his cancer patients.  It would appear that he abused his position of power within the hospital to gain access to young and vulnerable victims.  Staff who worked with Dr Bradbury will be equally appalled and saddened by this news.  The hospital has set up a helpline for anyone affected by the case and their chief executive has apologised to the families concerned.

Sam comments, “From working with abuse victims on a day to day basis, a child who suffers sexual exploitation rarely recovers unscathed from their ordeal.  Their trust of those in authority is understandably destroyed and they often take years to overcome their harrowing experiences.  Whilst no amount of compensation can replace a lost childhood, financial recompense can go some way to helpwith specialist treatment.  Some victims never reach their full potential and should be compensated for their inability to reach their goals in adulthood.”

Sam is continuing to represent victims of Dr Myles Bradbury both as patients at Addenbrookes hospital and Birmingham Children's hospital. She has now helped numerous families affected by the Myles Bradbury scandal to gain justice since this article was first published in September 2014.  Victims are still coming forward, some who are now in their thirties.  We know from the investigation conducted following Dr Bradbury's arrest that he came into contact with hundred's of children, thus if you were a patient and victim of Dr Myles Bradbury please contact us on a free no obligation basis.   Unlike some other firms, we do not charge a success fee for our Dr Bradbury cases and you will therefore receive 100% of your compensation.

If you would like to speak to Sam on a free, no obligation confidential basis about your potential Myles Bradbury claim please call her on 01392 345 331, or email on sam@robsonshaw.uk