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Released On 30th Jun 2016

Kendall House Review Underway

Kendall House, the notorious Kent children’s home which was the subject of a television documentary, `The London Programme’, aired by London Weekend Television in the 1980’s, is finally the subject of an independent Review commissioned by the Bishop of Rochester, James Longstaff on behalf of the dioceses of Rochester and Canterbury.

Kendall House has been in the news over the past three decades ever since the revelations that Dr Marenthiran Perinpanayagam, a consultant psychiatrist who was responsible for treating the girls placed there, was giving the girls major tranquilisers, anti-depressants and drugs used to treat severe schizophrenia as a means of controlling their behaviour.  The documentary questioned the regime which led to the home closing in 1986 following a government report which expressed extreme concern over the administration of psychotic drugs and concluded girls placed there `had been stripped of their basic human rights'.

The purpose of the Review is consider the issues raised by those women who were residents at Kendall House between 1967 and 1986.  The panel are inviting past residents to come forward and share their experiences of their time at Kendall House which was run by the Church and registered with Kent County Council as a community home with education.

Allegations have emerged of using high doses of powerful medication to control the behaviour of the girls at the home, together with accounts of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Samantha Robson has successfully won substantial damages for former residents of Kendall House and is now representing a number of women who have recently come forward as a consequence of the independent inquiry.   Sam welcomes the opportunity to help these women who have suffered terrible experiences at Kendall House, one of whom is alleged to a suffered significant and excessive medication of anti-psychotic drugs whilst she was placed there.

Sam comments, `I would urge former residents of Kendall House to come forward and seek legal advice.  The legal claims are being dealt with sympathetically by the solicitors instructed by the Church and they appear to be willing to facilitate settlements for these victims.’

If you or a family member would like legal help on a free, confidential no obligation basis please contact Sam on sam@robsonshaw.uk, or call her on her direct line 01392 345331.  Sam has been specialising in sexual abuse compensation claims for over fifteen years and is well recognised for her expertise in this area of law.

The independent review panel are also very keen to speak to as many former residents and their families as possible. Those who come forward will help the review panel to prepare a comprehensive report on the practices that occurred at the children’s home and will assist in identifying lessons to be learned to improve the welfare of children in the future.  To learn more about the work of the review panel, visit http://www.kendallhousereview.org/.


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