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Released On 28th Apr 2015

Can I claim for abuse suffered at Bryn Estyn Children’s home?

Bryn Estyn, the notorious North Wales children’s home remains in the news as victims continue to come forward and report childhood sexual abuse.  Despite the fact many of the perpetrators who worked at the children’s home have now died, including Peter Howarth who was jailed in July 1994 for indecently assaulting boys, Operation Pallial is ongoing and from recent information from the police, it is likely to continue for some years.  Other abusers included Paul Wilson, a residential care officer at Bryn Estyn who was given a suspended sentence in 1994 for assault and bullying; and Stephen Norris, another residential care officer who was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in 1993 for various sexual offences.

To date, a total of 21 individuals have been arrested and interviewed under caution.  Of these, 7 are on bail pending further enquiries and 12 people have been charged with serious offences.  The number of victims coming forward continues to grow and as at August 2014, 283 people had reported allegations of physical and sexual abuse.  Information given to police officers by 232 people is forming the basis of ongoing police investigations. A further 56 people have been identified as potential suspects.  Any witnesses who come forward will be sympathetically treated by the police.  Victims will be kept up to date with the police enquiries and informed of the outcome of the investigation.  The allegations range from cruelty and neglect; to physical and sexual abuse and in some cases anal rape.  Often victims were only 11 and 12 years old at the time and had nowhere to turn for help.

It is never too late to report a crime and if you were affected by the Bryn Estyn scandal, we would urge you to come forward.   We are acting for a number of victims who have described an abusive, brutal regime which thrived on punishing children who were often sent there to escape family breakdown and difficult relationships at home.  We are pursuing civil claims on behalf of these individuals on a no win no fee basis.  Despite the fact these are historic cases, we are continuing to help Bryn Estyn victims acheive justice.  Many victims remain angry and feel they were never listened to at the time.  

Our solicitors have successfully won five figure awards of compensation for victims who suffered at the hands of staff at Bryn Estyn.  If you or a family member would like to speak to us on a confidential, no obligation basis, then please contact us at any time on 01392 345333 or email enquiries@robsonshaw.uk.



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