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Released On 7th Jul 2023

Harry Rodden and 104 Gavestone Road, Lee, SE12

In 2016 the first of our successful claimants came forward with very serious allegations of sexual abuse that he has suffered when he was a resident at a children’s home run by the Royal Borough of Greenwich in the 1970's. That home, which closed down in the late 1980's, was 104 Gavestone Road in Lee.  The superintendent of the home, Harry Rodden was prolific in his physical and abuse of children. The allegations against Rodden did not come to light until the 1990's when former residents finally came forward.  Harry Rodden committed suicide in 1994 after the police launched a criminal inquiry.

It appears that Rodden was brutal in his mistreatment of the children. One former resident described a beating in front of other children. He repeatedly hit the boy in the stomach until he fell to the floor and then kicked him in the testicles. Later Rodden forced the boys head into a basin full of excrement. It is alleged that Rodden raped both boys and girls.  He was described as a `nonce' and a creep. 

Following the successful settlement of our clients claim in 2017, it transpired that his sister had also suffered serious sexual abuse at the hands of Harry Rodden any further claim was launched resulting in another 5 figure award of damages. 

In 2022 another victim came forward.  The allegations against Rodden follow a consistent pattern.  He would watch the girls in the bath. He create situations where he would be alone with the residents. He would knock on the dormitory’s door at night on the pretence that he was sorry for the beatings. One of our clients explained Rodden would hug and cuddle him, but would then become aggressive and force himself onto him, he would then endure rape. He was a young boy at the time. Some of Rodden's victims were only aged 9 or 10.

Rodden was described as extremely prolific, targeting numerous boys and girls.  It is believed there are still former residents and victims of Harry Rodden who are yet to come forward. Greenwich are taking a helpful stance in relation to these claims.  It appears they accept the failings on the part of the Council for allegedly `turning a blind eye' to Rodden's wrongdoings at the time.   Apparently Rodden was a welder when he joined 104 Gavestone Road. He left there in 1985 with references and then worked for another local authority. 

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If you or a family member were placed at 104 Gavestone Road, please contact Samantha Robson on her direct dial 01392 345331 or email her at sam@robsonshaw.uk. Even if you were not a victim of Harry Rodden, we would be pleased to hear from you as your evidence may help other claimants.