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Released On 4th Jul 2023

Have you suffered abuse at the hands of Dr Myles Bradbury?

When we gained a five figure award of damages for Aaron, we talked about whether he would like to  talk about his case so that others could understand the legal process and Aaron could share his story.  Aaron originally came forward to our firm after BBC Cambridge ran a story about the scandal and contacted us. Samantha Robson has been representing victims of Dr Bradbury after the story broke in 2014.  Whilst Sam is not based Cambridge, this hasn't stopped her helping numerous families and children affected by this scandal.  In fact, in this niche area of law, it is far better to use a specialist than instruct a local firm who may not be familiar with historic sexual abuse claims.

Sam has helped both male and female victims of Dr Bradbury over the past 9 years.  She has also helped former patients of Dr Bradbury at Birmingham Women and Children's Hospital and at Colchester Hospital where Bradbury held clinics.

Since Aaron spoke out about his experiences, more victims are coming forward and Sam is launching new claims. Whilst no amount of compensation will right the wrongs caused by sexual abuse, it does help survivors gain access to private therapy and certainly in Aaron's case, gave him a sense of closure enabling him to move forwards with his life.

If you or a family member have been affected by the Bradbury scandal and would like to speak to Sam on a confidential, no obligation basis please contact Sam by email, sam@robsonshaw.uk or call her on her direct dial, 01392 345 331. Sam offers no win no fee arrangements and unlike other law firms, she decided that she would not charge a success fee for her Dr Myles Bradbury clients and this means they receive 100% of their compensation.