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Released On 2nd Feb 2021

Cambridgeshire Paramedic Andrew Wheeler now convicted

Andrew Wheeler, aged 46 from Cambridgeshire has now been found guilty of six sexual offences, including rape and sexual assault of two women and two counts of sexual assault of a child under the age of 13. The significance of this case is that Wheeler was an ambulance driver working for East of England ambulance service. Some of these offences were committed whilst he was working as an ambulance driver.

The fact he was wearing his uniform and working at the time of these terrible crimes means that his victims are likely to be able to pursue his employers for his wrongdoings.  In the same way that Cambridgeshire's Addenbrooke's Hospital was responsible for the wrong doings of convicted paedophile Dr Myles Bradbury, legally Wheeler's employers are likely to be vicariously liable for the offences of their staff where these crimes take place in the context of work.  

The officer in the case, DCS Martin Brunning commented that Wheeler was a `predatory individual whose offending spanned nearly a decade.’ He went on to comment that he used his position as a paramedic to access potentially vulnerable members of the public. If there are other victims of Andrew Wheeler who have not yet come forward, the police will continue to investigate such crimes, irrespective of when they took place. 

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