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Released On 13th Jun 2015

Dr Myles Bradbury's sentence reduced by 6 years

Addenbrooke hospitals former paediatrician Dr Myles Bradbury has successfully appealed against the length of his prison sentence and it has now been reduced from 22 to 16 years.  The Court of Appeal was persuaded by the submissions of his representative Angela Rafferty QC that the sentencing Court had failed to give sufficient regard to his early guilty plea.

Samantha Robson of Robsonshaw solicitors, who is representing a number of boys sexually assaulted by Dr Bradbury comments, “this is disappointing news for the families involved in the Bradbury case.  One victim’s father states that his family have already been let down by a health professional they should have been able to trust.  This is a double blow to learn Bradbury’s sentence has been reduced.  They have to live with the long term consequences the child abuse has caused to their family”.  Sam’s clients feel that the Court should have had more regard to how the reduction in sentence would affected the victims and the decision puts across the wrong message to the children affected by the scandal.  “Bradbury was a serial paedophile who my clients trusted with their children’s care.  It is very upsetting for them to learn that he could now be considered for release at an earlier stage.”  Sam has been quoted in the Mail Online following an interview about her clients reactions to the reduction in sentence. 

It is believed Bradbury had as many as 800 patients but it is not yet known how many children were abused by him.  The evidence of only 18 children was relied on for the criminal proceedings.  In fact Bradbury pleaded guilty to the charges sparing his victims the ordeal of a trial.  The NHS have now commissioned an investigation but we do not yet know if the Trust's board will publicise the report.  The families involved have been asked to contribute to the investigative process and they need answers.  Some of the families have now lost their loved ones who may have been victims of Bradbury.  Bradbury specialised in treating illnesses such as Leukaemia and haemophilia.  Sam comments, "Surely it is enough for a family to lose their child without the added anxiety of not knowing if they had been abused by Bradbury during their care.  The report should be publicised to provide answers for the families concerned, they must have closure."

If you or a family member have been affected by the Dr Myles Bradbury scandal and would like to speak to Sam on a confidential, no obligation basis, please call on 01392 345333 or email sam@robsonshaw.uk at any time.

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