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Released On 24th Feb 2015

The latest crime figures reveal sexual offences are on the increase

The National Statistics Office (NSO) compiles statistics from a wide range of data sources and publishes that data annually. 

On 22 January 2015 the NSO published its data for the incidence and type of crime. 

These latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales show a difference emerging, not in the amount of crime, but the nature and type of crime.  There were an estimated 7.0 million incidents of crime, which represents an 11% decrease compared with the previous year’s survey and is the lowest estimate since crime surveys began in 1981.  Reductions were most evident for property related crime compared with the previous year; including vehicle-related theft and criminal damage and other household theft all down on average by around 9%.

However, the picture is not so rosy when crimes of violence and sexual offences are factored into the equation.  Nationally police forces reported an increase in crimes of violence of 16% and sexual offences were up by a staggering 22%.

The increase may be attributed to a renewed focus on the quality of crime recording and a greater willingness of victims to come forward to report such crimes.  In addition, police forces are now possibly more likely to take seriously and investigate allegations of historic sexual abuse.  Large scale investigations such as Operation Yewtree have inevitably contributed to the statistics. 

Perhaps most worrying are the numbers of rapes (24,043) and other sexual offences (48,934) are the highest recorded by the police since 2002/03.

This may not necessarily mean that incidents of rape and other sexual offences are actually on the rise.  The data may just reflect the greater readiness to report allegations and an acceptance by the police to investigate those allegations.  However, the rise is so dramatic that in reality we must assume crime involving sexual abuse is on the rise.  

What can victims who have suffered abuse do to obtain redress?

Victims of sexual abuse often suffer long term health effects.  Childhood sexual abuse is often extremely traumatic.  Trusting an adult who then commits sexual offences breaches every aspect of that relationship and usually leaves lasting legacies of self-loathing, insecurity, depression and anxiety.  First and foremost, we at robsonshaw solicitors are here to listen to you.  Our solicitors have specialised in winning compensation for victims of sexual abuse for the past 15 years.  If you are ready to speak with us, then contact us any time on 01392 345333, or email us at enquiries@robsonshaw.uk.  Our experienced and sympathetic solicitors are here to help you on a free, confidential no obligation discussion on the way forward.   

If you are the victim of a sexual assault you may be entitled to claim compensation from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.  The CICA is a Government funded scheme for the victims of crimes of violence which includes sexual offences.  To find out if you are entitled to claim compensation, contact us and we can help you maximise your award.  Time limits for CICA claims are important and if you are a victim of sexual abuse, contact us as soon as possible.

You may be able to sue your assailant in the Civil Courts and obtain financial redress to compensate for your psychological injuries and losses.  However, often perpetrators of sexual abuse have no money and are simply not worth suing.  But if you were injured or assaulted at work, school or by members of the clergy or Scouts and other charitable associations, then you may be able to claim compensation from those in charge of their work who should be insured for just this eventuality. 

At robsonshaw solicitors we specialise in gaining compensation for victims of sexual abuse whether you were a child or adult, male or female.  We conduct CICA claims and claims for compensation against employers, schools and other institutions.  Our abuse team is headed up by Samantha Robson who is an expert solicitor in this field.  Sam has appeared on Sky News, the BBC and has contributed to local and National press on issues of sexual abuse compensation.

We are here to help you, so please contact us on 01392 345333, or email us on enquiries@robsonshaw.uk.




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